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Doula Client Testimonials

"Jessica was my doula for our birth and her presence, guidance and support not only for me but my family  truly made all the difference. Jess you are an angel among humans and if any mamas are in the Boulder area I could not recommend her enough. 


Jolie Manza

"Jessica has been such a godsend! I started working with her when I was largely pregnant, and having issues with aches and pains as well as some anxiety surrounding the forthcoming birth. She made me feel immediately at ease when working with her even with trying to navigate poses with a large belly. The practices together were heartfelt and appropriate for my mental and physical state.

Jessica was also the first to arrive as my doula. She knew exactly what I needed while I was in the tub, and helped my husband help me, as well as provide calming cues and counter pressure. Throughout my trial VBAC, she was supportive and professional, and helped me understand how things were progressing. 

After I gave birth, we hired Jessica as a postpartum doula. She jumped right in with supportive words for all of us, playing with our son (she's very talented with kiddos!), and did everything we needed to be able to relax and cherish our time with our new baby. She did dishes, cooked a beautiful meal, shopped, prepared lactation smoothies, did laundry, etc. She was such a HUGE help! 

I can't tell you which area she shone more...she was so important to my whole family throughout the whole process and I look forward to continuing our relationship."


Robin Mentasti, MA, NCC

"Jessica is fantastic...we love her! We hired her for postpartum care, after a month in the NICU. My baby was still recovering, on oxygen. She was so helpful with all the random odds and ends, cooking, playing with my 4 year old daughter (who adores her), treating me like a queen and helping with my baby. On an emotional level, I loved having Jessica to talk to. She is open and loving and fun! She made my transition home from the hospital such a good experience - which could've been very stressful. Jessica's care was invaluable - It took stress off of me AND my husband, keeping a peaceful dynamic at home. And Jessica is a beautiful person and wonderful to have around. I would hire her again tomorrow."


Ashleigh Rose

Yoga Student Testimonials

Private Clients

"I am a 65 year old, but Jessica has toned my body to look like I’m about 45.  I have trained with her for 2.5 years, and my strength is amazing.  I am not very good at the meditation part of yoga, because I’m a type A lawyer, but Jessica has taught me yoga, as I never did it before I met her.  I trained in Washington, DC twice a week, and Jessica taught me amazing things.  In particular, she makes certain that your form is perfect; hence, you are not just going through the motions, but you are working very hard to ensure that each pose is absolutely correct.  It is quite the workout.

I was sad for Jessica to leave Washington, but I have children her age, and 2 out of 3 live in California, so I understand that you have to let the birds fly.  While it was extremely bittersweet to see Jessica leave, I know her heart is in Colorado.  Today, after training with Jessica, I’m not afraid to train with another yogi, and have already done so.  The highest compliment from that trainer is that my form is “perfect.” 

I cannot say enough good things about Jessica.  She is not only my yogi, but she is also my friend."  

Barbara Werther, Private Client


"I’ve been working with Jessica for a couple of years and have seen enormous improvements in strength, flexibility and overall health... but the most remarkable changes and benefits to my body came from private, pre-natal sessions that I recently had the opportunity to do with her. We began working together in the fifth month of my fourth pregnancy... and I was feeling a significant amount of sciatic pain, lower back aches, shoulder tension, and a huge “stuck” feeling - a lack of mobility and flexibility; I could barely twist at all. Jessica got rid of every single one of my aches and pains almost immediately. In all four of my pregnancies, I’ve never felt so absolutely pain-free, not to mention the strength and length she brought to my practice, and she completely freed up the feeling of being stuck. I am at the very end of my pregnancy and feeling fantastic, but one of the best gifts that Jessica gave to me on our journey was the belief that this was all possible, and that I should be able to easily achieve this kind of comfort, strength and balance. As she would often say to me, “this is how pregnancy should be!” - I could not agree more."

Cary Rodgers, Private Prenatal Client

"Jessica has just the right touch as a yoga teacher: her classes are neither too hard nor too easy.  You finish feeling energized and stretched out and you always look forward to the next class.  I was in a class recently with the yoga practitioners from one of the clubs where Jessica taught and the teacher was good, high energy, lots of movement, challenging.  After the class, more than one of the participants told me how much they missed Jessica.  As good as she is, Jessica is always trying to improve her craft, attending seminars and training with more advanced instructors.  She is great teacher and a real professional.”

Dave and Maristela S., Private Clients

Group Class Students

"I was very new to yoga and out of shape when Jessica started teaching our 6:30 am class twice a week..  Jessica is truly a special teacher - she has a wonderful way of pushing you to try new things in a very supportive way. I can honestly say that I grew to look forward to those early mornings!  We all miss her greatly - her new students will be lucky to have her!"

Lydia Rodgers, Student


"I started learning yoga at the age of 70 as a form of physical therapy. In the beginning, it was painful and I was often discouraged.  Then, Jessica became my primary instructor.  Thanks to her excellent teaching, yoga became a pleasure to me. She gave me many helpful advice and more importantly confidence.  Now I am an enthusiastic yogi and determined to practice yoga for life. She is a truly excellent instructor and though I am incredibly sad to see her go, I know that she will go on to inspire new students for years to come. Any studio will be proud to have her as a teacher."

Masano Hidaka (age 77), Student

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