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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Join me for a Yoga Alliance Accredited Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training hosted in collaboration with YogaKoh

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Virtual & On-Demand Yoga

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I believe that each of our unique bodies contain all of the wisdom, strength, and inspiration we will ever need. Yoga helps us access that power.

I have been a yoga practitioner for over 13 years and have been teaching Vinyasa Yoga since 2016. As a former ballet dancer and instructor, I have always been interested in the inner workings and find tuning of the body. It has been my relationship with yoga, however, that has changed my life in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined.

Learning what is true for me, getting to know the deepest parts of myself, and meeting my own strength in a variety of ways are just a few gifts that my practice and my work with Yoga has given me. I teach to hold space and facilitate an environment for others to experience just this. A meeting of themselves, in a deep, true, and authentic way. It is my hope that this will then support a more potent life experience, still complete with all of the ups and downs of the universe, but experienced in elegance and intentional participation. 

Class Descriptions

Yoga is for you. It will help you get clear on what matters to you, improve the health of your body, and strengthen your connection to your inner most self. 

My classes are alignment based, strategically sequenced, and focus on specific actions in the body intended to help students grow not only in their asana practice, but to also deepen and nurture their connection to the truest parts of who they are. When teaching, I am most interested in students having an experience within themselves. I am focused on facilitating an environment where my students can come to their mat exactly as they are, and work with, through, or in whatever circumstances are current and real for them. It is in this work that, I believe, yoga changes lives.

I also work with children and adults with physical, developmental, and/or mental disabilities. This includes work with their parents and caregivers. I will meet any student, in any circumstance, right where they are.

For private clients, we will discuss your personal goals and intentions and from there, I will create a tailored session just for you. Past clients have come to me from all different backgrounds, with a variety of goals. Whether it's strength and precision of movement, flexibility, or overall body & soul wellness, I am here to help you. 

Prenatal Yoga

My prenatal classes aim to support women in strengthening their connection to their own bodies in preparation for the demands of labor, birth, and parenting. It is through the practice of yoga that I believe anything is possible. In my classes you will have the opportunity to strengthen the body and learn tools for labor management and release that are incredibly valuable to every woman in childbirth. I am constantly learning and studying with my teachers, and am always bringing my newfound knowledge to my students.

Yoga for Special Needs

Some of us have unique circumstances and challenges. There may be areas of blockage or stuck energy. There may be a need for a safe space and nurturing environment. This is the work I do.  

My whole life, I have felt called to help those experiencing physical and emotional challenges. Be it functions of the body that have not developed fully, past trauma or injury that is still in the process of healing, or stuck energy manifesting in emotional difficulty, I am here for you, and/or your child. 

I believe, in my whole being, that we all have limitless possibility. Simply being in the room with someone who truly holds this belief for you can be profoundly transformative. I have worked with children with autism, developmental disabilities, brain damage, and emotional distress. I have worked with a range of abilities and disabilities. Some clients have been "high functioning", some are non verbal, some require assistance with basic movement, or need a setting that allows for where they are that day; what is working, and what needs rest. 

If you or a loved on is currently struggling either physically, emotionally, on a soul level, or all of the above, reach out to me. Let's talk. We can do this, together.